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Amateur Radio Terms

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  BCI BroadCast Interference    
  BFO Beat Frequency Oscillator    
  CTCSS Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System    
  BPF Bandpass Filter Bandpaßfilter  
  DC Direct Current    
  DSP Digital Signal Processor Digitaler Signalprozessor  
  EEPROM Electrically Erasable and Programmable Read Only Memory    
  EME Earth-Moon-Earth Erde-Mond-Erde  
  EMI Electro-Magnetic Interference Elektro-magnetische Interferenz  
  FM Frequency Modulation Frequenzmodulation  
  FSK Frequency Shift Keying Frequenzumtastung  
  HAM radio amateur    
  HF High Frequency Hochfrequenz  
  HPF High Pass Filter Hochpaßfilter  
  Hz Hertz  


  IC Integrated Circuit Integrierte Schaltung  
  IF Intermediate Frequency Zwischwenfrequenz  
  IMD Intermodulation Distortion Intermodulations Verzerrungen, Intermodulation  
  LF Low Frequency    
  LPF Low Pass Filter Tiefpaß-Filter  
  LSB Lower Side Band Unteres Seitenband  
  MIC Microphone Mikrofon  
  NBFM Narrow Band FM Schmalband-FM  
  Ni-Cd Nickel-Cadmium    
  Ni-MH Nickel-Metal Hydride    
  Notch filter
  NR Noise Reduction Rauschreduktion  
  OM  old man, HAM    
  OSC Oscillator Oszillator  
  PA Power Amplifier Leistungsverstärker  
  PEP Peak Envelope Power Hüllkurven-Spitzen-Leistung  
  PLL Phase Locked Loop Phasenregelkreis  
  PTT Push To Talk   Sprechtaste
  PWR Power Leistung  
  RF Radio Frequency Hochfrequenz  
  RIT Receiver Incremental Tuning    
  RTTY Radio Teletype Funk-Fernschreiben  
  RX Receive, Receiver Empfang, Empfänger  
  S/N Signal to Noise ratio Signal-Rausch-Verhältnis  
  SSB Single Side Band Einseitenband  
  SSTV Slow Scan TV    
  SWL Short Wave Listener KW Hörer  
  SWR Standing Wave Ratio    
  TCXO Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator or Controlled ???  
  TNC Terminal Node Controller    
  TNC     Type of RF connector
  TV Television Fernsehen  
  TVI Television Interference    
  TX Transmitter Sender  
  USB Upper Side Band Oberes Seitenband SSB
  UTC Universal Time Coordinated    
  VFO Variable Frequency Oscillator    
  VHF Very High Frequency    
  WFM Wideband FM    

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